We started in realizing that well known brands and SME-brands need a more accessible approach to enter the Chinese consumer market. It's a very complex market due to its size and cultural differences. The traditional approach in looking for distributors or agents is a difficult one and rarely successful. 

Fortunately due to the digital developments an online approach gives new opportunities.

For this we developed an integrated approach with a full service solution.

We have all expertise on board; fashion + design, brand building + positioning, understanding of the market, operations and logistics and last but not least we have Chinese presence on board.

This integrated approach makes it easier for brands to enter the Chinese market.  

In our opinion WeChat is an essential first step in a successful market presence in China.

Read more about the different elements we organize for you.



Traffic building is key.


Chinese consumers have a more holistic approach and are interested in true stories. Where we say content is king, in China they say context is God. 

To get your message over we focus on the following aspects:

  • Delivering the perfect message to your followers

  • Get your content shared and read on social media

  • KOL marketing - influencer marketing; the most effective way to reach and sell to your followers


We understand how important the look and feel of your store is. And it is no different for your store on WeChat.

We have our own templates and we do the design of your store ourselves. For this we use Western designers who can translate your look and feel to the WeChat store. 

The opposite is true for the translation into Chinese. This is done by native Chinese who are able to convey the intended message.

Our focus is on:

  • customer-driven personalized design

  • crafting banners and visuals that will attract attention

  • define high-conversion action calls

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How does it work if you want to sell directly to the Chinese consumer?

You don't have to worry about that. We take care of running your store.

And you don't need a Chinese bank account. There is a cross border payment solution, so you will sell in Chinese yuan and receive it in your local currency.

The main activities to run an optimal operation are:

  • keep your product offer up-to-date

  • a 24/7 customer service

  • provide analytics


With a logistic company as a parent we can take away your concerns on this subject as well. 

We provide scalable shipment solutions depending on the volumes of your operation.

The main solutions are:

  • direct shipment

  • bonded warehouse

  • China warehouse fulfillment



We work closely with the  industry associations in Europe and we closely team up with the International Apparel Federation, representative of world's fashion associations.

In order to make China feasible and accessible for SME brands as well, we have developed the multi-brand store concept together with the branch organisations.

The following multi-brand stores are currently under development:

  • The Nordics 简欧

  • UKFT flagship store

  • AFC flagship store



If you are interested in other support services, next to our full service solution, to promote or sell your products in China, we can support you in this as well.

The following services we can organize for you:

  • Tmall launch + operation

  • Little Red Book Promotion

  • Douyin (TikTok) marketing