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We started in realizing that well known brands and SME-brands need a more accessible approach to enter the Chinese consumer market. It's a very complex market due to its size and cultural differences. The traditional approach in looking for distributors or agents is a difficult one and rarely successful. 

Fortunately due to the digital developments an online approach gives new opportunities.

For this we developed an integrated approach with a full service solution.

We have all expertise on board; fashion + design, brand building + positioning, understanding of the market, operations and logistics and last but not least we have Chinese presence on board.

This integrated approach makes it easier for brands to enter the Chinese market.  



Tmall marketing



  • Tmall is the largest B2C e-commerce platform in China

  • It is an essential step in order for your brand to reach its full potential in the Chinese market

  • Tmall is competitive: getting visibility on Tmall requires driving traffic and awareness, also via social media

  • Tmall has very good integration with some social media platforms such as Little Red Book, Weibo and Douyin

WeChat marketing

social commerce


  • WeChat is an ecosystem of services: messaging, social sharing, payment, and beyond

  • Brands can create WeChat Official Accounts and Mini-program Accounts to provide services and cell to followers

  • WeChat influencers are powerful brand advocates and WeChat campaigns can yield very high returns (5x-8x marketing investment)

  • WeChat provide advertising services similar to Facebook


RED marketing

product discovery + review


  • Red is focused on product reviews with an e-commerce spin

  • An essential platform for content creation, make sure to optimize it for the platform

  • A rising sales platform, both in-App but mostly through driving high-quality traffic to WeChat + Tmall

  • A strong ads platform, mostly to create cost-effective engagement

Douyin marketing

short videos + live streaming sales


  • Douyin is the largest short-video platform in China

  • It is a booming platform: grew from 17 million to 600 million Daily Active Users within 3 years

  • Most of users are young people living in urban areas

  • Engagement rates on Douyin are incredibly high

  • Douyin can integrate with Tmall in order to convert traffic to sales


KOL marketing

Traffic building is key.


Chinese consumers have a more holistic approach and are interested in true stories. Where we say content is king, in China they say context is God. 

To get your message over we focus on the following aspects:

  • Delivering the perfect message to your followers

  • Get your content shared and read on social media

  • KOL marketing - influencer marketing; the most effective way to reach and sell to your followers



With a logistic company as a parent we can take away your concerns on this subject as well. 

We provide scalable shipment solutions depending on the volumes of your operation.

The main solutions are:

  • direct shipment

  • bonded warehouse

  • China warehouse fulfillment

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