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We used to be at your side of the table. So we understand fashion & design, branding and also your calculation.

But maybe more important is that we have China born and European natives in our company.

So both cultures come together and ensure good understanding with the correct translation to the Chinese consumer.


You don't need to have a registered company to start selling in China.

You can launch your brand in China with your own flagship store on WeChat or by joining a multi brand store on WeChat.

The cross border payment solution ensures that you will be paid in your local currency. 

We will design your WeChat store and ensure that the store is fully aligned with the Chinese UX.


We will run your WeChat store. 

We will keep your product offer up-to-date, we will take care of customer service and we will define high conversion calls.

In addition, we always make sure that the store is in line with the current season and the expressions of your brand.


Everything ready to sell and then no visitors. Every marketer's nightmare.

We will do everything we can to prevent this. 

Starting with building your own 'fanbase' and getting your message over to your followers.

And by getting your content shared and read on the social media part of WeChat.

Last but not least by cooperating with the best influencers for your brand, the most effective channel in China for conversion.

IPHONE 4_3.001.png

WeChat is China's most frequently used app.

It's the home screen for virtually all Chinese consumers. Those consumers expect to find your brand on WeChat.

One of the preferred e-wallets for online payments in China.

One of the preferred mobile payment solutions for offline retailers in China.

It's not the variety of things you can do on WeChat that makes it so powerful, it's the fact that they are all in one app.

The world's first to combine social media &         e-commerce on a large scale, creating:           social commerce!

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